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FREE CPA Arbitrage Case Study: Does It Work?

Posted in CPA Arbitrage by cpaarbitrage on April 29, 2009
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The CPA (cost per action) networks are quietly taking the internet by storm. They have been a hidden money-maker for both gurus and silent but successful marketers alike, with many of them pocketing huge sums from a variety of business models.

Chris Cobb just introduced his new tell-all guide CPA Arbitrage, which details how to buy traffic cheap and essentially resell it to traffic brokers for much more.

Actually, however, you can hardly call it selling, because it often works like this:

You run a small text ad, banner, etc, and a click on it takes the person to the CPA offer. Many times these only require the visitor to enter an email address, or even just their zip code, and as soon as they push the submit button, BOOM! You get paid.


No selling … you are just generating leads for companies who need these leads, and who feel they can convert the visitor from that point on into an upsale of some kind.

Beat Google at their own game

Deliver traffic, get paid. It is basically what Google does to YOU with Adwords, charging you every time someone clicks on a PPC ad you run, THEY get paid, regardless of what happens from that point on.

Someone clicks on your PPC ad, Google gets paid instantly.

CPA offers work the same way.

CPA Arbitrage Case Study

My marketing colleague Paul recently ran his own quickie CPA test using one of Chris Cobb’s eight CPA Arbitrage techniques just to convince himself this was “for real.” I’ll let him tell it in his own words:

This is what I did. I went to the CPA Network and found an offer
that pays me $2.00 each time someone entered their zip code into
a form (it was for a free $250 Gas Card).

After just one week, the results have been AMAZING!

Of the 100 people visiting this site each day, almost 12% of then
filled out the form.

Nothing huge, but nice nevertheless…

12 X 2 = $24 commissions to me each day for doing absolutely
nothing (The traffic is free and has been that steady for a year).

$24 X 7 = $148 per week or about $600 more income per month
from using existing traffic and just placing one banner ad on the
niche web site.

Ya gotta love affiliate marketing

Do you think I’m a little excited about CPA Marketing?

You bet!

Want to know how YOU can do the same thing … or better?

Check out CPA Arbitrage before it closes down (I think it still has a day or so left.)

Go to CPA Arbitrage now >>

CPA Arbitrage Review: 2 Videos

Posted in CPA Arbitrage by cpaarbitrage on April 28, 2009
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CPA Arbitrage by Chris Cobb has launched. Since I received an advance copy, and I have already used CPA Networks for a year now, I decided to put my insider thoughts on video for you to see and judge for yourself.

CPA Arbitrage: How It Works, How You Profit

Chris Cobb | CPA Arbitrage Insider Review | Is It For You?